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Reo Ref Sheet by Strider-Tina Reo Ref Sheet by Strider-Tina
Reo holds himself higher than the average person, though respects others to certain a degree. Considering himself to be responsible, he goes far out of his way to "fix" whatever may be wrong, playing the roll of the hero or villain should it be deemed necessary. When it comes to matter of love, he "knows" all there is to it, giving out advice in a calm manner. Proud as he may be, he will greet others with a charming smirk and humble demeanor. Though he may not agree with the opinions of others, he is an understanding individual and is aware that free will dampen any plan. Hates it when people refuse to listen to the other side of the argument and when they are to stubborn to see what they have done or getting themselves into.

Cat's Magic
Cat's magic is a potent and raw magic only cat can activate. It's considered childish and mediocre to all the Gods, but only a few of them can use it to a deadly extreme. In order for Reo to gain power in order to use his Cat's Magic, he has to acquire the energy given off by someones love. This could be any kind of love, but of course True Love is the strongest, and stalker love is the weakest. Just listening to a story about a person's endeavors with their wife or family will give Reo a bit of energy, or sitting by a boy and his pet that he cares for could supply Reo with enough energy to cast 5 spells.
The spells themselves are tougher the higher up it is on the list, spells 10-13 can drain him within minutes while spells 1-7 can be easily handled and juggled between in a battle.

More in depth in of some of the spells

Spell 3
the wires can be formed on the hands while they are in human form, and they extend from the whiskers in cat form. while the human form wire is more loose and used more for trapping opponents, the cat form's wire are straight and taut always ready to slice through something.

Spell 9
The Cat's Stare is an eye piercing gaze which immobilizes the user to one spot while they look around and see everything.

Shield of Love

9 Lives info
-His body will wait to repair until conditions are ok to bring the fallen god back to life.
-It's a count down, so all Cat Gods start with nine lives and the number goes down as they get killed.
-Reo is on his sixth life, so he has
-they can repair any wounds after their death... as long as they have lives left that is.

He's a cat and there for flexible, fast, and able to do most cat like things
Cat's Magic
small size
clever, always thinking and planning ahead in a fight. NEVER fights without a plan, he'll runaway until he can think of a good way to fight back.

Can't take a hit
tires easily if he's running low on energy
if scratched behind the ears, or given catnip he'll obey your every command...
not really strong physically
Will often jump in the way to take a hit for both strangers and friends
Not good at thinking on the fly, needs time to plan.

The third generation of Gods on the small world of Elderin and the runt of the litter. From a prophecy told by the Great Cheshire, he is destined to end the Gods. Because of this, his Father, the Great Lion Rlo, sent his runt of a son out to be pecked and eaten by crows; unfortunately, Rlo didn't take into account that his daughter, Ree, would take the runt in out of pity and nurse him to health. Disgusted by Ree's actions he allowed Reo to live for a while longer as long as he could prove himself worthy. He took the Test of Gods and received his call to be the God of Love, causing more shame to come upon him. Rlo threw him out of the Great Den and The Cheshire took him in as her apperenitce. Reo trained under the Cheshire until she kicked him out of her home and onto the humans plane. This is where Reo resides now, walking the country side, trying his best to let true love blossom, in hopes that more followers will worship his father and he will be able to go home.

The Prophecy

One so small, A God so queer. With his might the world shall fear. A never ending plunge into death. The Gods will fall, though they'll try their best. For they Love this runt, this disgrace amongst us. A new era will turn, with it will come a great fuss.

this character will be used for :iconthedivideoct:

Tell me what you think!!
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MousieDoodles Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2012  Student Digital Artist
>w> Can't wait to see more~
I do love how you added the pictures in the background.
He certainly does seem like quite the cool character.
Strider-Tina Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2012  Professional Filmographer
glad you noticed~
are you just commenting on everything now?
MousieDoodles Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Maybe >3>
Strider-Tina Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2012  Professional Filmographer
DarkX1122 Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2012
Reo seems like one cool cat.

8D See what I did there?

DarkX: *spies Reo in cat form* Well hey there little fella, how ya doing? *crouches down and extends hand slowly forward*
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